Social Media Spotlight

March 7, 2018, 8 a.m.

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Social Media Spotlight - 7th March Brisbane

Social media is constantly changing and how businesses and marketers leverage these platforms will continue to evolve.

In March we shine the spotlight on social media and dissect the latest changes to this channel and what they mean to marketers.

Our experts will discuss the best ways to use social in the year ahead, the latest measurement tactics you need to know and how companies are driving ROI. We'll also look at influencer marketing and unpack the best practices, pitfalls to avoid and why it all comes back to data.

Our speakers will cover:

  • What's changed in social and how it will affect marketers
  • Best practice influencer marketing
  • Measuring beyond engagement
  • How you can get the most from social in 2018

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This event is a seminar event and includes: 

  • The opportunity to network with attendees (8:00 - 8:30am)
  • Tea, coffee and a light snack will be served during the networking time
  • The audience will sit (theatre style) to listen to the presentations
  • We will have four speakers each presenting for 20 minutes
  • Question and answer time will be held at the end
  • All attendees will automatically enter our business card draw on the day to have a chance to win great prizes!

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Our Speakers

Stevie Dillon, Social Media Marketing, Stevie Says Social
Stevie will explain the recent changes in social media, how they will affect your marketing and the changes you need to make to reach your social goals. Plus, find out three ways to take advantage of what's ahead in this space. 

Danielle Lewis, CEO & Co-Founder, Scrunch
Danielle will share how companies are using best practice influencer marketing to grow their customer base. Find out the pitfalls to avoid, how to use data and who should consider influencer marketing in the year ahead.

Marina Musumeci - Group Marketing Manager, Spicers Retreats
Marina will explain how Spicers Retreats use social media and why telling their story through content is so important. Plus, see some of the effective ways Spicers Retreats are integrating social with other channels, and what a return on investment looks like for them.

Roey Rafael, Director of Paid Growth, Envato
Roey will share how Envato leverages video on paid social media for growth. Learn the three fundamentals of using video to generate an ROI driven response.


Stevie Dillon

Stevie Dillon

Stevie Says Social

Social Media Marketing
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Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis


CEO & co-founder
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Marina Musumeci

Marina Musumeci

Spicers Retreats

Group Marketing Manager
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Roey Rafael

Roey Rafael


Director of Paid Growth


March 7, 2018
8 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


641 Ann Street Brisbane4000

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Samantha Horton

Samantha Horton

Event Manager
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Louisa Dahl

Interactive Minds

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