Digital Marketing Mastermind

Aug. 29, 2017, 8:45 a.m.

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Digital Marketing Mastermind

If you want to inject some fresh thinking into your digital marketing activities, this Mastermind day allows you to come together with a small number of peers to problem solve and define solutions.

This full day mastermind session is designed for digital marketers who want to get input and advice on their individual marketing challenges. We understand that in the fast past environment of digital marketing, finding time and getting results is hard. That's why we've created this unique event to give you the support that you need to do your job well.

Whether you work in a small team, want to troubleshoot with other digital marketing professionals or simply need to take a day out of the office to focus on the bigger picture, this mastermind session will give you input and perspective. Plus, you get to think outside the box, get exposure to other industries and give input to your peers.

Each Mastermind class is limited to a maximum of EIGHT people so that everyone has individual input and walks away with ideas, new connections and solutions. 

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The format for the day:

The day will run from 8:45am - 4pm in the Brisbane CBD and will include the following components:

Individual Spotlight Session

Each attendee will have a half hour spotlight session. In this session you will describe a challenge that you are currently working on (using our provided template). This challenge can be anything from a tactical problem like "I'd like to grow my database by x%" through to a broader issue like "I need help getting digital buy-in". Be prepared to share details like your target audience, budget and what you have tried so far and to answer questions to fully explain the issue or concern.

All participants will then give feedback, suggest ideas and discuss the issue, giving you time to listen and take notes. No ideas are bad ideas! The aim of each spotlight session is that you take away tangible actions to solve your challenge.

Discussion Sessions

Attendees will have the opportunity to nominate a topic area for a group discussion. The group will vote and two topics will be selected for discussion during the day.

Who Should Attend

This mastermind group is perfect for digital marketing professionals who would like some extra support in their role or who want to elevate their performance. Mastermind attendees will be reviewed to ensure there are no competing businesses participating in your session. 


The cost to participate in the full day digital marketing mastermind is $495. Your ticket includes morning tea and afternoon tea and the intimate session with other marketing professionals, facilitated by Interactive Minds founder and CEO Louisa Dahl, who has 17 years experience in the industry.

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Louisa Dahl

Louisa Dahl

Interactive Minds



Aug. 29, 2017
8:45 a.m. - 4 p.m.


OTM Suite
Level 2, 199 George Street Brisbane4000

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